HTML_QuickForm Pilot 1.00: Create rich PHP forms in minutes with our PHP form generator!

HTML_QuickForm Pilot 1.00

HTML_QuickForm is a part of PEAR. It is a great package, but you need a lot of coding to create PHP forms with complex structure and validation logic. Instead of writing PHP form code manually, you can create the same code in minutes, using the visual editor. The program generates PHP code from a tree-like structure of the form fields and validation rules.

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123 HTML Forms 1.0.7: An advanced Web Form Builder that allows you to create HTML Forms.

123 HTML Forms 1.0.7

forms with any number of radio-buttons, checkboxes, pull-down menus, text areas, etc. It supports form validation. Form submissions may be sent to multiple email addresses. It can create multi part forms, forms with file upload fields, product/service/price request forms, message and question submission forms, subscription forms, survey forms, quizzes and tests, feedback forms, customer satisfaction forms, email notifications, evaluation forms, order

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HTML Form Builder PHP Script 2.0.1: ApPHP FormBuilder is HTML form builder PHP script

HTML Form Builder PHP Script 2.0.1

PHP FormBuilder is an easy-to-use HTML form builder script that provides simple and flexible way to create HTML forms and also validate different types of fields, using embedded Data Validator. You can easily add text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, single select boxes, text areas, buttons and many other form elements. Each field type has options which help to setup its view and validate submitted value with wide range of settings. Form checks

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PHTML Encoder 6.2: Protect your PHP scripts from prying eyes

PHTML Encoder 6.2

code of PHTML Encoder. This allows you to customize PHTML Encoder to meet your needs: you can change password, prefix, add your own cryptography method, and so on. 4. Because PHTML Encoder is a cross-platform product, this software will work on ALL computer and web-server platforms which support PHP. The encoded scripts from one computer platform will work on any other platform. 5. There are three ways of implementing encoded scripts : substitution

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Polystyle Source Code Formatter And Obfuscator 4.0: Code Formatter For HTML PHP ASP C++ Java JSP XML Visual Basic Delphi C# CSS

Polystyle Source Code Formatter And Obfuscator 4.0

formatter, C++ formatter, PHP formatter, Javascript formatter, CSS formatter, C# formatter, Java formatter, Perl formatter, JSP formatter, Python formatter, Delphi formatter, Visual Basic formatter, ASP formatter, Actionscript formatter and XML formatter. Use the Graphical Styler to define your style using simple mouse clicks alone. Polystyle automatically reformats source code in your personal style. Polystyle learns your formatting style by examining

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DBForms from MSAccess to PHP+PostgreSQL 1.0.0: Convert your Microsoft Access forms to php+PgSQL driven WEB-pages using AJAX.

DBForms from MSAccess to PHP+PostgreSQL 1.0.0

Forms to AJAX based WEB page using PHP and PostgreSQL. Now you can easily convert forms and their elements to Web page, filling form fields with data from the fields of your Access tables. During conversion elements` position, color pallette and fields type are saved. You have an opportunity to place your MS Access forms at Web page directly via FTP connection or save your forms to a local folder at your computer for future uploading. DBForms from

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DBConvert FormWizard for MySQL 1.0.0: Efficient PHP Web Form Creator DBConvert FormWizard for MySQL Database

DBConvert FormWizard for MySQL 1.0.0

PHP Web Form Creator which allows you to build simple and clean WEB Interface for your local or remote MySQL databases. You can easily create forms (Single Forms, Continuous Forms, Datasheet/Table Forms) and their elements for Web Interface. Form Wizard for MySQL supports the following elements: Label, Images, TextBox, ComboBox, Line. DBConvert FormWizard for MySQL provides the bulk of functional capabilities such as PHP-based (driven) forms creation

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Web Form SPAM Protection 1.5.2: Protect your HTML web forms from SPAM and scanning by form spiders.

Web Form SPAM Protection 1.5.2

form spiders) search the Internet for such forms, analyze and then use them to send SPAM emails. To stop the flow of SPAM, it is necessary to change the source code of forms. Unfortunately, after several days or weeks, the forms will be scanned yet again and the code should be changed yet again. And so on. Web Form SPAM Protection is a utility to protect forms from being scanned, analyzed and used to send SPAM emails. It encodes form source code,

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Form Spam Blocking Script 1: Block form submissions that include words identified as spam words.

Form Spam Blocking Script 1

The Form Spam Blocking Script will block form submissions that include user defined blocked words, effectively stopping all form spam including automated scripts and user submitted. It is designed to run with any Form1 based form processing code including Form1 Builder Software, Form1 Builder Goldmine and Form1 Builder MYSQL. It may also run with other php based form processing scripts. Simply set blocked words by inputing words in the script.

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Form1 Builder Software 30: Easily build secure web forms, hidden emails, extensive options, no cgi.

Form1 Builder Software 30

form hijacking, email injection and email harvesting. Key features include: User friendly click and build interface. Capacity to develop basic to complex forms easily and quickly. Quick Form option to generate a form with a couple of clicks. Designer Form click and add function so you can include any form fields you require. Ability to use an Existing Form as the base of a new form. Inbuilt file Upload function. All processing code is server side

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